Friday, 2 May 2014

Cassandra Node Grab Toolkit

Wish you had time to write a toolkit that grabs log files, configuration files and other useful stats (os and cassandra) from all of your nodes at a quasi point-in-time? No need, I've done it for you.

This consists of a couple of simple bash scripts, the first of which grabs logs, config and other output from a predefined list of nodes. Output is organised by servernamedate with a tar gz archive created. This is handy for sending off to other interested parties such as your support partners. The other runs on a loop sleeping N seconds between each run until cancel cntrl-c. This can be useful when you want to monitor some/all of your nodes for stats such as tpstats and operating system stats like io stats.

The assumption is that you have a server from which you can access all of your cassandra nodes without entering a password (i.e. with ssh keys) and that cassandra is running *nix.

A little set up work is required to set paths correctly for your environment.

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